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Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) Solution - Xroadz In the modern-day market where severe competition rules, there is a vital need for organizations to maintain fruitful relationships consistently with customers and business partners. This is not an easy task as customers and partners are becoming more demanding in line with the existing market scenario.
  Oracle CRM
Drive profitable revenue growth by aligning your sales strategy with customer needs and corporate objectives. The PeopleSoft Enterprise Sales Solution helps you leverage the right solutions, channels, and resources to differentiate and win against the competition. You can maximize sales productivity by leveraging metrics-driven planning and compensation tools to motivate and track performance. PeopleSoft Enterprise sales management software also helps you increase operational efficiency and lower selling costs by integrating sales processes across the enterprise and extending your sales reach through partners.
ACT! and provide superior service to your prospects, customers, or anyone you contact regularly because you have a complete, integrated view of your relationships— all in one easy-to-access location. Impress contacts with your follow-up, leave no task undone, and make informed decisions so you can successfully advance your business. ACT! will not only revolutionise the way you manage your customers and sales, it will automate a variety of tasks you face every day.
Traditionally termed ‘CRM’ or ‘Contact Management’, ACT! manages the interaction between your business and your customers, potential customers, suppliers, and even your fellow company members. Synchronising with Pastel Accounting, ACT! merges the functionality of finance, sales and marketing.
By using ACT! you will no longer have to duplicate data on your accounting and CRM software – ACT! does it all for you, giving you a birds-eye view of your customer information. For example, anyone putting an update into the accounting system will be updating everyone’s information.
  Evolution Contact Management
Traditionally termed ‘CRM’ or “Contact Management”, Pastel Evolution Resolve is core to the Pastel Evolution system’s functionality. Pastel Evolution Resolve has taken the concept of traditional Contact Management much further by weaving it into the very fibre of the Pastel Evolution accounting system, thus elevating accounting software to its next logical state allowing you to not only capture numbers, but also what we refer to as business activities.
Activity data is integrated and presented together with the numbers providing a holistic view of your business instead of a numbers only view. This integration provides you with the ability to control not only your financial situation but your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. Any issue that takes place in a business, and is important enough to be tracked, is recorded as an Incident in Pastel Evolution Resolve. Pastel Evolution Resolve will track all Incidents to their conclusion or until they are closed off. The Evolution system stores Incidents even after they have been closed, allowing you to track a history of events as they occurred, as far back as you wish.
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